October 19–25, 2023
ONE TRICK PONY, Böcklerstraße 6, Braunschweig

Exhibition opening on Thursday, October 19th at 7pm

Guided tour through the process, script reading on Wednesday, October 25th at 7pm

After collaborating with the „fiftEEEEEEEEEEEn“ group from Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig, the collective „Society of joint responsibility“ has been invited to present their long-term project at One Trick Pony. This opportunity arises after a two-and-a-half-month occupation of the U10 Art Space in Belgrade. During this period, in July, the „fiftEEEEEEEEEEEn“ group organized an exhibition titled „Changing perspectives (until we like them)“.
Now, the collective „d.u.o.“ seeks to share the insights and experiences gathered during this time through an exhibition titled „IN OUR SECOND HOME, WE ARE ALL POETS.“ The exhibition title provides a glimpse into key aspects of the installation and accompanying program. It will consist of documentation of collective actions and performances, as well as reading materials that showcase the collective’s three-year artistic practice/process.
The Society of joint responsibility (Društvo udružene odgovornosti) / d.u.o. is a long-term project started in 2020 that was bound to fail from the very beginning. Our work consists of multimedia documentation of invisible research, invisible processes and mostly invisible site specific actions realized in different cities across Serbia, where we interacted with the local communities and dealt with burning sociopolitical topics.
We were driven by the potential of achieving long-term processes such as learning, writing, and research within short-term, project-oriented structures. Focusing on the significance of commonality/community/commons in art, we chose to adopt an open process-based structure that incorporates curatorial and artistic strategies of exchange, exploration, imagination, and reflection.
Simply put within the theoretical framework, it can be stated that we are engaging in institutional critique. However, instead of solely contemplating Institutional critique, our focus lies in experiencing and disseminating the notion of utilizing criticism as an artistic process that is not object-oriented, but process-driven…
Society of joint responsibility / d.u.o. are: Pavle Banović, Bogdan Đukanović, Vanja Žunić, Aleksandra Saša Jeremić, Katarina Jovanović – Alfa, Katarina Kostandinović, Zorica Milisavljević, Jelena Nikolić, Sara Pantović, Slavica Obradović i Selman Trtovac.

Accompanying program at the Allgemeiner Konsumverein e.V.:

October 20–23, per registration
POP-UP Green Screen

Saturday, October 21 at 7pm
Movie night with d.u.o.

Sunday, October 22 at 5pm
Collective Poetry Workshop, per registration (max 10 participants)
“I hope I’m going where the others are going, because I think the cloud is big”

Monday, October 23 at 7pm
Movie night with d.u.o.

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